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Up Next:
Blake/Colvin & Dial/Nippletop

August 26, 27 28, 2019

The morning after Lauren’s birthday, I leave for another overnighter.  And hopefully another four High Peaks over three days.  Scratch that.  Definitely another four High Peaks over three days.  Johnny Mountaintop and I will be joined by his buddy Dave as we tackle Blake & Colvin mountains on day one. Then, we take a rest day to explore Lake Placid and hopefully eat some great food that doesn’t need boiling water.  Day three we go for two more peaks with Dial & Nippletop Mountains before returning home to console our sore feet and finish off Lauren’s birthday month.

The Rookie Hikes

September 7 & 9, 2019

On September 7th, Johnny Mountaintop and I will lead a pack of rookie hikers up Azure Mountain.  This is not a High Peak but is still located in the Adirondacks and features a really cool looking fire tower.  Two days later, I’ll be taking my friend Loni up to the top of Mount Jo for her first mountain climbing experience.

Allan & Marshall

September 17, 18 & 19, 2019

Two big, long day hikes separated by a rest day.  Allan is about 29km by itself.  This will make for a very long few days and is probably going to push me to the limits of my physical capacity.  Bring it on!  I’m sure I’ll end up with a few stories after this one.

Cascade, again you say?

October 5th

Returning to the scene of my very first High Peak for the third time – and second time this year – Lauren is finally coming back to the mountains with me.  And we’re bringing friends.  Dan and Celine Allaire will be joining us.  Maybe we won’t come home.  Dan, you think you can broadcast your radio show from the top of a mountain?

Mount Batur - Indonesia

January 2020

In Chapter 1, Lauren climbed my first ADK High Peak with me.  In January 2020, she’ll be joining me for an overnight hike up this active volcano in Bali, Indonesia.  We’ll arrive at the summit in time to see what’s been voted as “best sunrise in the world” – however you measure that.

Mauna Kea - Hawaii

July 2020

Another volcano.  Technically the tallest mountain in the world, it doesn’t get the distinction because most of it is under the ocean.  But Joel and I will be climbing to 13,800ft to summit this beauty.  The sky is so clear here, because of the proximity to the equator, that multiple countries have telescopes on top to observe deep space.

Mount Katahdin - Maine

Summer 2020

No date for this one yet, but I am hoping to meet up with a cousin (second, third? I dunno) of mine who has already climbed this.  This is the highest peak in the state of Maine. It’s called The Knife Edge trail and is not recommended for the average folk.  Sounds not dangerous at all.

Mount Kilimanjaro - Tanzania, Africa

Summer 2021

The tallest mountain on the entire African continent, located in the country of Tanzania.  The easiest of the “Seven Summits” – the tallest mountains on each continent.  This will take roughly nine days to go from the base to the summit.

Pacific Crest Trail

No fixed date

A trail consisting of 4270 kilometers.  Say that out loud.  From the border of British Columbia to Mexico, spanning about six months, through Washington, Oregon and California.  This is a pipe dream.  First I dream.  Then I conquer.  

The Biggest Of Them All

Before I turn 50

I’m not superstitious.  But this is the one goal I don’t like to even mention by name.  Some how, some way, I’ll get there. If it costs me everything I own.  No matter what it takes……